About Us

We live in a very rural setting and have struggled with internet connectivity problems ourselves for a long time. We got tired of fighting with customer service blaming our computers, equipment, lines, etc. We knew better and got sick of the blame game being played – instead of them tackling the real issue – of them massively overselling their equally massively undersized systems!

Satellite systems are EXPENSIVE and we never had any success in having them meet their sales pitches of speed or quality. Support was a waste of time – if you could even reach them. The new guy on the block is not much different (no phone support, MANY experiencing weeks before support gets back to support tickets; slower than advertised latency and speeds, increasing prices, and in some of their coverage areas starting to implement data caps to alleviate congestion – which they are causing by overselling!

With over 40 years of experience in computing systems, networking, server management, database management, software design, etc – we decided to stop just complaining and to do something about it!

Our Mission.

Our mission is to expand quality high speed internet to as many people as we can – with an emphasis on those in hard to reach, poor service areas; being a solution provider for customer’s IT needs; and to focus on quality, reliability, and quality customer service.


Our vision is to become a regional ISP and IT powerhouse with great quality products and services with awesome customer service and support!

In an era of declining customer support standards, companies doing everything possible to hide behind their websites or social media platforms, and offering substandard products, services, and support – we want to stand out as the exception to that rule!

Providing services via fixed wireless, fiber, and any other means that gets high speed, quality service to customers – without excessive overselling and great customer service – and to provide solutions for all your IT needs – that is our goal!

We want to expand – as quickly as possible – to cover as many people in our community as possible – especially those with very poor service and little to no viable options. We deal with that ourselves and want to provide a solution!

We hope you will help us accomplish that by becoming a customer and providing the resources to accomplish our vision!