High Speed Internet Service

We are doing our best to get high speed internet to places lacking good service and using whatever viable means we can find to do so. Whether that be fixed wireless, fiber, network cabling, etc…

If we can’t reach you yet ourselves with our own services, but you have a minimal and sometimes even no cellular service – we have devices that we can sell and install for you to get you a cellular internet service connection through your current cellular provider that may be faster than what you are currently getting. These devices are VERY sensitive and can sometimes double the speeds you are getting via a hotspot on your phone or via a separate hotspot you may be running (even with external antennas). They can sometimes get a signal and get an internet connection even where you cell phone has no connection!

Our service provides:

  • Actual High Speed Internet Service (MANY times faster than local DSL options)
  • Low latency
  • No Data Caps or Throttling*
  • Locally owned and operated service and support
  • Out of the box solutions to get service to you

And, although we are not involved in cellular service, most cellular carriers allow you to set you cell phones up to make calls over Wi-Fi. With the speed and low latency of our service – this can work well, giving you good cell phone use in your home and possibly even outside around your home or business. This also helps your cell phones by not needing to be charged as frequently as their batteries will hold a charge longer since they are not having to max out the transmission power to try to reach the cell tower over weak signal connections. This in turn will also aid in extending the life of the battery in your cell phones – and thus your cell phone’s life as well.

Residential Service

"50" Plan - $70/Month

Speed: up to 50Mbps download and 2.5Mbps upload.

Use Case: This will work well for lower end to medium use – streaming, social media, gaming, etc.

"Max" Plan - $100/Month

Speed: Currently there is no fixed maximum download speed – it is whatever the systems are capable of. Currently – this is around 180+Mbps download and 10Mbps upload. As a new service, we are flushing out system designs and configurations – so this could go up or down – but preferably up! We have had some tests above 200Mbps as well!

Use Case: This will work better for streaming multiple devices simultaneously (TV’s, computers, phones, etc); video conferencing (with the increased upload speed); gaming (faster responses – both ways); larger downloads will take less time – like phone/computer/game system updates, etc…; faster web browsing (especially for sites with a lot of picture and/or video elements (including social media sites and phone apps with similar content); etc.

Business/Commercial Service

Lack of internet service can cost businesses money! As such, business accounts are prioritized for service and support. We offer more options and custom scenarios to fit business needs where we can.

Business plans have larger upload rates – to aid in such things as credit card processing; video conferencing; audio/video uploads for marketing and social media platforms; etc… 

Business internet services start at $100/Month. Some plans have additional options – such as allowing re-distribution to short term rentals – such as campsites, cabins, bed and breakfast, etc… 

Call us to discuss your particular needs so we can determine the best options and pricing.

Currently, we do not offer static or internet routable public IP addresses to our clients. We are working on obtaining a block of IP addresses to use for this purpose, but as of yet that has not happened and as such our clients will be assigned private IP addresses using CGNAT routing to operate the service.

* No Data Caps or Throttling – A Fair Use Policy will apply at the discretion of UltraWISP, LLC – with the intention of allowing for unlimited use – but to also limit impacts of excessive/abusive use of the systems causing other users to experience degraded service.