Use the scheduling system below to schedule service installations, on site service requests, etc. Please be sure to add the domain to your email system as a Safe Sender, Non-Spam, etc… –  so that when confirmation emails and communications related to the scheduling are made, they are not send to your junk mail folder or the like. Our schedule is very dynamic and things can change quickly on the ground requiring adjustments – some even last minute. We will do our best to keep that from happening, just keep communication channels open in case that becomes necessary.

Please Read Before Scheduling Your Internet Install!

If you have received a mailing inviting you to get internet service through UltraWISP, then you have been prescreened and are known to be able to get internet service, or with a little extra work on our part – you can get the service installed. If this is you, then click below to schedule an install and we’ll get it done! Make sure to provide the address where the service will be installed so we can review it, prepare, and make sure you can get installed as-is before we commit to the install schedule.

If you have not gotten a mailing – it may be that we haven’t sent them out yet, you are outside of our coverage area, are new to the area and we don’t know about you yet, etc… In this case, please email (preferred) or call us before scheduling an install. As of right now, the service area is in the town of St George and the IMMEDIATE outer areas. If you are not in this area, we likely cannot provide you service until we expand coverage. However, if you can see our tower in St George, then you have a good chance of getting service – give us a call so we can check before scheduling!