*** Update – 4:15PM 1/11/2024 ***
The upstream provider has resolved their outage! UltraWISP services are back up and running!

There is a known service outage.┬áThis outage is not due to a failure in our systems, but upstream in the fiber network between us and the internet at large. There is a reporting error on this page saying it is a Partially Degraded Service – it is not – it is a Full Outage. The St. George – P4 – Gateway is falsely reporting that it is up and running – this is inaccurate.

The upstream carrier that supplies the fiber uplink connection to our network has had had to move their fiber lines due the Corridor H construction in Parsons that has caused this outage. Their planned ETA to finish the scheduled maintenance is between 3:30PM and 4:30PM. This is approximate.

I understand that this is causing everyone difficulties and appreciate your patience while we wait for these repairs to be made.

Thank you! Andrew Meador

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